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I Scream
A young child dressed in heavy winter clothing laid down in the soft, fresh powder that fell over the night. Six inches of fresh, glittering powder, undisturbed by anyone but the young boy, pure and refreshing, ripe to play with.
The boy's family was somewhat well off, a nice, warm, ranch style house, the orange glow from the windows playing on the fresh snow. The sun was still struggling to rise in the sky and disperse the clouds, which seemed to be ever present. This did not concern the young boy, however, who was busy making a snow angel as he planned how to make his fort.
The boy got up after making his angel and looked around for a place to make his fort. He planned to make it magnificent, the best fort any human or Pokemon could ever claim. It didn't take him long, however, to realize that he couldn't see the house anymore. A thick mist had settled in, keeping him from seeing any further than a few feet. The damp, grey, low lying fog could not have been natural. Neither could the
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Slekupan - God of Nothing by Shadowater Slekupan - God of Nothing :iconshadowater:Shadowater 1 3 Simple Scenery by Shadowater Simple Scenery :iconshadowater:Shadowater 0 1 Real Life Tails Doll Head by Shadowater Real Life Tails Doll Head :iconshadowater:Shadowater 13 14
"Yes! They missed! Quick, strike them down with a Scratch before they get up!"
My Charmeleon - Thomas - was relaxed and confident. He had barely any scratches on him, and the few he did have were nothing. Why the hell anybody would send a Caterpie out to face a Charmeleon was anyones guess. The trainer wasn't even a Bug Catcher! Oh well. An easy win for me, I guess. There was suddenly a loud cry. I looked up and saw that the Caterpie was defeated. Oddly, however, Thomas was still attacking, as if filled with a burning hate for what he saw.
"Woah! Calm down, Thomas! No need to KILL the poor thing!" I called out to my friend. He blinked and snapped out of the rage, as if he only now figured out that the battle was over. Huh. Well, that was Thomas for you, always getting into the moment. Heck, I once had to tear him off a Zapdos back when he was level 6!
...A stuffed Zapdos, but hey, it still counts!
"Sorry about that. It's been a while since he lost control," I told the trainer. "Here, t
:iconshadowater:Shadowater 41 25
"We've arrived, you worthless reptiles," mumbled an older trainer, roughly twenty years in age. Two Treecko stood at his feet, looking worn, exhausted, and full of fear of the trainer. They stood in the Goldenrod train station, having moved from the Sinnoh region. Unfortunately for the reptiles, a storm caused the ship to have to anchor in Kanto, forcing the trainer to purchase a ticket for the train, putting him in a bad mood. And as Treecko one and two knew from experience, they wanted their trainer in anything but a bad mood.
He started to walk to the exit of the station. One of the Treecko - A male with superior stats in all but speed - looked over to the train, which was about to leave again. It was his chance! He dashed to the train, only to be kicked down and stepped on. "Well, at least your poor speed is good for something, you sack of crap"
The female watched, not doing anything, hoping to avoid angering her trainer. Today was her lucky day, as the man ignored her for now. He
:iconshadowater:Shadowater 53 39
Incomplete Save
Gold kicked the PC. "Damn thing, crapping out at a time like this!" he shouted, furious at the machine. He had just deposited a Rattata he had in his party and was switching boxes when the machine locked up. It happened every now and then, and didn't usually affect trainers. However, it was just saving his box settings. The words 'SAVING... DON'T TURN OFF THE POWE' were etched on the screen, mocking him. To make matters worse, all of his Pokéballs were in the machine so he could check their data.
After a few more kicks, the young trainer resigned himself to restarting the system. Freezes were such a rare occurrence these days. When the machine rebooted, he was brought back to the box he had open prior. He sighed and switched boxes again, this time with success, and then withdrew all five of his Pokémo-
Wait. Five? He should only have four! He put them all back in the PC to check them. Rattata was both on the PC and in his party. On a whim, he withdrew the rodent from the box,
:iconshadowater:Shadowater 73 61
Oshiathan - Deity of the Ocean by Shadowater Oshiathan - Deity of the Ocean :iconshadowater:Shadowater 0 0 Jtagn Sprite by Shadowater Jtagn Sprite :iconshadowater:Shadowater 0 0 Furtigo Issue 3 - Hot by Shadowater Furtigo Issue 3 - Hot :iconshadowater:Shadowater 0 0 Furtigo Issue 2 by Shadowater Furtigo Issue 2 :iconshadowater:Shadowater 0 10 Furtigo Issue 1 by Shadowater Furtigo Issue 1 :iconshadowater:Shadowater 0 0 Naga Sage by Shadowater Naga Sage :iconshadowater:Shadowater 0 3 Nrition - God of Energy by Shadowater Nrition - God of Energy :iconshadowater:Shadowater 1 0 Crmirnauc - God of Matter by Shadowater Crmirnauc - God of Matter :iconshadowater:Shadowater 0 4 Jtagn - God of Oblivion by Shadowater Jtagn - God of Oblivion :iconshadowater:Shadowater 3 2

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